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Aura Bottle Tumbled Stone Rose Gold Lapis Lazuli

Aura Bottle Tumbled Stone Rose Gold Lapis Lazuli

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Crystal elixir water bottle featuring gemstones. These beautifully designed glass bottles are best known to help uplift your mood and encourage water intake. 

• Beautifully designed⁣

• Tool for self-care & mindset

• 100% genuine crystal

• Indirect crystal infusion (water does not touch the crystals)

• Australian owned

      Crystal Benefits

      Do you struggle to trust your intuition?

      Do you want to get more creative?

      Are you seeking to open up your perspective?

      I am Lapis Lazuli. I help you to sharpen your intuition and aids transformation by unlocking your inner perspective.

      I am good for: perception, sight, inner wisdom, intuition, wisdom, courage & memory.

      Chakra: Third Eye (the center of your forehead)

      This item includes a Free Third Eye Chakra Affirmation Card.

      Crystal water has been used as a healing ritual for centuries. It is a tool known to help you balance and bring peace to your body and mind.

      Each stone has its own unique benefits.


      • 450ml bottle made from stainless steel, BPA-free & high borosilicate glass.
      • Indirect crystal infusion (crystal does not touch the water)
      • FREE bottle sleeve to keep your water cooler for longer.

      How To Use

      1. Cleanse your bottle with warm water & detergent using a bottle brush.
      2. Pour in the crystals from the bottom chamber while setting your intentions.
      3. Fill up with drinking water.
      4. Enjoy your crystal infused water. It is a tool for your mind & body wellness.
      Please read the disclaimer before using this item.


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