Our vision: Normalise self-care rituals.

For centuries, crystal infused water (’crystal elixir’) has been used as a powerful healing ritual. Their main purpose is to cleanse you and energise you with the crystal healing benefits from within. When a crystal is placed with or near water, the water will energetically absorb the crystal's vibrational frequency. 

Are you looking to reduce anxiety? Do you want to radiate loving energy? Are you seeking clarity? 

Now, we invite you to take a pick. Which crystal do you feel drawn to?

Where it all started:

Hi I'm Yuka and I'm the founder of Aura and Mind.

My mission is to cultivate wholeness in you by spreading and activating the energy of gratitude, mindfulness & healing. 

I have struggled with anxiety for a long time, and began creating self-care products in 2018 to help me stay grounded in my everyday life. Very quickly, I found that a lot of you were also seeking to reconnect, heal & feel inspired.

Crystals are beautiful reminders and tools for you to balance your energy, practice healing & manifest a life you feel happy about. 

I personally use my Aura Bottle everyday and it uplifts my mood, makes me feel supported & grounded. I hope you love yours too! 

Every order is packed with love. I hope you can feel the energy.

P.S. This is your invitation to join our community! Find us on InstagramFacebook & Tiktok for self-care tips, moon alerts, how to use our products, and more. 

Sending you love & light,

Our Journey since 2018