How to Use Your Aura Bottle Safely

Please ensure to follow below instructions before, during and after use. Your Aura Bottle is made of glass. It's eco friendly but it's also prone to risks if not handled properly. 

1. Hand wash only.

2. Remove crystals from the bottle when washing.

3. Do not use with hot drinks.

4. Do not freeze.

5. Keep away from small children.

6. If knocked over or dropped, inspect the glass wall inside to ensure there are no cracks. Stop using immediately if there's any breakage.

7. Please use the neoprene sleeve (included with every bottle) when carrying it around.



How to set up your Aura Bottle.

1. Please twist off the lid, crystal cartridge (anticlockwise), and the base to thoroughly wash all parts of the bottle. Warm water and detergent works great. 

2. Twist on the crystal cartridge (clockwise) tightly onto the base.

3. Assemble the lid and base onto the glass bottle.

4. Set your intentions & fill up the bottle with drinking water. 

We recommend you to "charge" and cleanse your crystals at least once a month, using the moonlight, sunlight, salt water, your intentions, words and sounds.

Our bottles are FDA approved. We use crystal quartz that score above 7 on Moh's Mineral Hardness Scale, which means it doesn't dissolve in water and are safe for drinking. 



1. Twist the base off the bottle


2. Tilt the bottle and place the crystals gently inside the bottom chamber from the side.


3. Close the base. 


4. Use the protective sleeve when carrying in your bag with other objects.

Now, set your intentions and enjoy! 

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