Crystal Elixirs: What Are They & How To Make Them

Crystal Elixirs: What Are They & How To Make Them

All crystals carry their own unique healing properties and energies. There are countless ways to use crystals, but did you know crystal elixirs are a powerful way for you to take in the healing benefits? Depending on the crystal you use, you can create elixirs for love, self-awareness or even deep emotional healing. 

What is a Crystal Elixir?
Crystal elixirs are waters infused with gemstones. Their main purpose is to cleanse you and energise you with the crystal healing benefits from within. 
When a crystal is placed with or near water, the water will energetically absorb the crystal's vibrational frequency. 

You can drink the elixir, apply onto your skin on your chakra or pulse points, or add the crystal elixir to your bathwater. When you consume the elixir, you will raise your vibration with the healing properties of the crystals.

Crystal healing benefits for crystal elixir

How to Make a Crystal Elixir at Home
Making a crystal elixir is an intuitive process. Typically, natural crystals in the quartz family are safe to infuse directly into the water. Other crystals may be toxic and should not be placed in liquid. 

The safest method for all crystal types is called the indirect elixir method. To make a crystal elixir with the indirect method at home, you will need: a large glass bowl, a small glass that fits inside the bowl, and crystals of your choosing. 


1. Choose your crystals.
Pick stones that resonate with your wellness needs. Make sure they are cleansed and charged. 

2. Place your crystals in a small clear glass, and place into a larger clear bowl.
Since colours contain their own vibrational frequency, ensure that all glasses you are using are clear. 

3. Fill the large bowl (not the small glass) with drinking water.
Once you have poured the water into the bowl, set an intention for your crystal elixir. Positive intentions will accelerate the healing properties within.



    How to Make a Crystal Elixir with the Chakra Bottle
    Another easier and quicker way to make a crystal elixir is to use our Chakra Bottles. The glass bottle includes a top compartment for water, and a smaller chamber for the crystals at the bottom.

    Clear Quartz Crystal Elixir by Aura Bottle


    1. Place the crystals inside the bottom chamber. The healing benefits:

    • Amethyst: protection, de-stress, healing, meditation, creativity, intuition, removing unhealthy attachments, insomnia, and mood swings.

    • Clear Quartz: clarity, awareness, focus, balance, meditation, patience, positivity, healing, mental blocks, mind+soul connection and perspective.

    • Rose Quartz: self-love, romance, friendship, family, kindness, acceptance, peace, harmony, forgiveness and healing a broken heart.

    2. Fill up the bottle with drinking water while you set your intentions.
    You can set your intentions by intuitively focusing on what you'd like to heal or manifest into your life. Speaking your intentions to the water is also a proven way to create high vibrational water according to Dr. Masaru Emoto's research on water consciousness.


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